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Fundraising Information

You can find fundraising information online and for free. Here is a great resource for free fundraising information. Just type the following URL into your Internet browser to visit the site, Wow Fundraising, they have awesome resources and also provide a free fundraising information kit. Just sign up and fill in your information and they will mail one out to you. You also receive the free fundraising information and ideas catalogue as well. For an extensive listing of fundraising information, visit the following website You will be amazed by the wealth of information available on this site.
Fundraisers are a vital tool to many organizations such as schools, churches, non-profit organizations, sports teams, cheerleaders, youth groups, boy scouts, girl scouts, and civic organizations.
Here are some great ideas for fundraisers:
· Church/craft fairs- these are great if you have a community of women who will make the crafts and donate them to the fair
· Bake Sales- are very popular as fundraising methods and has stood the test of time.
· Ice Cream Socials-not only fun but delicious. Who doesn’t love homemade ice cream?
· Car Wash- great for youth to participate in, run, and develop a sense of accomplishment with their fundraising efforts.
· Candy Bars- a favorite of schools, churches, and youth organizations. Be careful not to let young children go door to door unattended.
· Magazine Subscriptions- another favorite utilized by public schools. Again, use caution whenever children are in a neighborhood going from door to door.
· Discount Cards- You can purchase discount cards from name brand suppliers or customize your own discount cards with local businesses.
· Jellybean or Marble Counts (fill a jar and raffle tickets to see who comes the closest to the exact amount in the jar
No matter what method you choose for fundraising, always ensure the safety of children, and have a responsible adult nearby when kids are visiting neighborhood houses.

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