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Golf Information

Golf information, and the game itself, dates back further than one would think. A form of the game we know as golf was introduced in Scotland in the 15th century. Where the clubs were sticks, and the balls were pebbles. The first set of golf clubs were made in 1501 for King JamesIV. The first golf match ever recorded was in 1504. The game was played by King JamesIV and The Earl of Boswell. Golf didn't become a sport until 1744. The first golfers to participate were The League Of Gentlemen Golfers Of Leith. The prize awarded to the winner of their annual competions, would be awarded a silver golf club

More information on golf history.

Golf, has come a long way since then. Golfers now use an array of golf clubs to perfect their game. There are four different types of clubs in our golf bags today. Drivers,irons,wedges,and putters. You can choose any combination depending on your personal preferences. An actual set of clubs is restricted to no more than 14 clubs. Each one is used to achieve a different result. For example a putter is usually the club used to make the final stroke. The driver is usually the first club used. It ensures a farther distance than the others. There are several sizes, and you need to gather as much golf information that is possible, to aide in your selections.

Golf information is readily available to anyone searching for it. Most beginners, start at the driving range. This is said to be the best place to practice your swing. Alot of driving ranges offer lessons for a very low price. Once you have gotten a little practice,you can move to a 9hole coarse. Then, finally to the 18 hole coarse. Your game will only get better with practice. There is plenty of golf information on the internet, the resources available are amazing.

Golf, is an extemely addictive sport. People travel all around the world looking for great golf deals that can get them onto famous golf courses. Golf requires alot of concentration, and a good game can last for hours. The game itself, may take a day to learn, but it will defintly take years to master.

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