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Lawyer Information

When involved in a legal matter it is important to get relevant lawyer information before deciding on an attorney. No matter what your legal situation and needs, you can usually obtain specific lawyer information for free to help you choose the best attorney to handle your case. You can find lawyer information by contacting your local legal services or by choosing an attorney online at

Some examples of different areas of law and the various needs for lawyer information are:

· Administration law- an area of law that comes from administrative parties of the government
· Adoption-legally placing children with parents other than the birth parents
· Arbitration and Mediation-an alternative to litigation where parties go before a third party (a mediator or arbitrator)
· Bankruptcy- the act of legally declaring someone incompetent to pay creditors
· Custody- the legal right of parents to make decisions for a child
· Child Support-payment made by a non- custodial parent to the parent who has custody of a child
· Civil Litigation-the law governing rules between people
· Civil Rights- the legal rights that belong to citizens
· Class Action Lawsuits-used to determine the rights of a large number of people

When researching lawyer information make sure that you ask many questions. Find out if the lawyer charges a fee for a consultation. Usually the first half hour or so of a consultation with a lawyer is free. Don’t hesitate to contact various lawyers and interview them. Choosing an attorney is a very important decision, and you shouldn’t stick with an attorney that you don’t feel comfortable with. Make sure their paralegals are certified. One of the best ways to find an attorney is to ask friends or family members who have been in similar situations who they recommend. You will be embarking on a long term and very important journey with your attorney, it is imperative that you feel confident in and trust your attorney.

When you need someone who will stand up for your rights, the criminal lawyers of the Cochran Firm are on your side.

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