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Medical Information

The internet is a great source for medical information. Each day millions of people suffer from disease and ailments. Some are serious and require immediate medical care, whereas others may be cured or treated with home remedies. Those who suffer from ailments may turn to online medical information sources to access whether their condition is serious or mild.

In a recent survey, 75% of individuals polled admitted to consulting online health sites for medical procedure as well as general information. Prior to health websites, many sick individuals would flood their physician's office for minor ailments. In most cases, less serious illnesses could be treated with over-the-counter medications.

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The internet is a huge information source that is able to provide in-depth knowledge of any medical condition. Even though you can find a lot of medical information on the internet, the purpose of the internet is not to self-diagnose ourselves, or serve as an alternative for visiting a doctor. Serious medical conditions should not be ignored.

On the other hand, health websites are designed to provide patients with a general overview of their medical condition. These websites are also great for indicating a potential health problem. For example, a woman who experiences a dull pelvic pain may research her symptoms. Health websites will provide a range of conditions that match her symptoms. In this particular case, pelvic pain may indicate ovulation, irritable bowel syndrome, endometriosis, or kidney infection.

Medical information provided on health websites is also great for easing a sick person's mind. When we become ill with a mysterious ailment it is natural to think the worse. However, many conditions that appear serious are symptoms of a treatable, less serious condition. For example, many associate blood in the stool with colon cancer. However, a bloody stool is a common symptom of many less serious intestinal and abdominal problems. Although a symptom may be common for many illnesses, it is important to visit a physician to conclude that a more serious condition is not present.

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