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Message Information

If you are familiar with the Internet, message boards, chat rooms, and E-Mail you are familiar with message information headers. Message information headers are text that appears as error messages on the Internet, text on the top of message boards and chat rooms, and as header information on E-Mails.
Message information headers appear at the top of your incoming E-Mails and also on your outgoing E-Mails. If you are using Outlook Express and cannot see the message information headers on your incoming E-Mails here is what you must do-
1. Open up an E-Mail by double clicking on it with the right mouse button.
2. Choose “View” from the top of the E-mail’s toolbar.
3. Click the tab “All Headers”.
By choosing “All Headers”, you will now be able to view all message information headers available on your incoming E-Mails.
If you are using Netscape Communicator the steps for viewing message information headers are quite similar.
1. Click on the “Communicator” tab under the Netscape Title Bar.
2. Select Options
3. Select Messenger
4. Select an E-Mail from the list of E-Mails in your Messenger box.
5. Once you have opened an E-Mail select “Options”.
6. Under the button “Show Headers” select “All”.
“Why should I care about message information headers?” you may ask. Well, quite simply, message information headers contain quite a bit of information.
Some of the information revealed by headers are:
· Apparently- to: shows who the E-Mail was sent to
· BCC- stands for Blind Carbon Copy. This means the E-Mail was copied, but the other recipients E-Mail addresses were hidden.
· CC- stands for Carbon Copy. Shows other recipients of the E-Mail.
· Comments-used by some programs, specifically spammers to create confusion.
· Content-Transfer-Encoding- Used to interpret the contents of the E-Mail.
· Content-Type- Tells Clients how to handle the E-Mail’s contents/
· Date- tells the date the E-Mail was sent.
· From- tells who the E-Mail is from
· In-Reply-To-Gives information when replying to an E-Mail.
· Message-ID- text that identifies the sender of the message.
· Subject- describes the Subject of the message
· To- describes who the E-Mail is sent to

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