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Movie Information

Many young people may find it difficult to believe that just two decades ago the only quick medium for movie information was the newspapers. Teenagers and young adults are growing up in a time of advanced technology. Practically every task under the sun can by done using the internet. This includes attending college courses, reviewing bank statements, and receiving movie information.

Online is one of the best ways to receive movie information. Movie goers can view movie times for any theater across the country. Once a movie is selected, movie goers also have the option of reading reviews posted by other online users.

Of course, online is not the only source of movie information. This method is only good for those with internet access. However, if a group of friends is away from home or a computer they may have to check movie times the old-fashioned way.

One way to receive up-to-date movie information is by calling a local theater. Theaters have a 24 hour recording that lists all movies that are playing for a specific day. They relay information such as movie start time, rating, and running time. Surprisingly, 411 or information also relays this information. Information operators have information regarding movies for all theaters in a region.

Some movie goers may opt to receive movie information directly from the theaters. This could be ideal for those attending a theater that is connected to a mall or shopping area. Once they have completed their shopping, movie goers can browse the information board to determine whether a good movie is playing.

Individuals who are limited to where they can receive movie information always have the option of checking movie start times on their mobile phones. Most phones allow users internet access. Although costly, some may choose to briefly browse the internet to see when a movie is playing. Cell phone users may also subscribe to an information newsletter which will send them a daily schedule of movies playing in their area.

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