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Sports Betting Information

Sports betting information is available to those who are interested in this type of online gambling. Before attempting your hand at this form of gambling, you may want to gather more sports betting information and sports picks first.

Here is a look at the terminology used by those who bet on sports to help you obtain more sports betting information and to acquire a better understanding of sports betting.
· Action- a live bet or bet
· ATS- stands for Against the Spread
· Arbitrage- used to lock in a profit, it is betting on the same event at different betting lines
· B.R.- stands for Bankroll. Your bankroll is your total capital available for betting
· Bad Beat- this is a bad or tough loss
· Beard- a beard is a messenger; someone who is betting your money for you
· Beef- a beef is a dispute or fight
· Board- this is a listing of all the games available for betting that are in a sports book
· Buck- a buck is $100: the same thing as a Dollar
· Buyback- the money earned on the underdog
· Chalk- a chalk is a favorite
· Chalk Eaters- betters who like to bet big favorites
· Churn- to bet and bet money again
· Circled Game- a circle game is a game where there is a limit on the maximum bet
· Dead Hit- a dead hit is when you finish equal
· Dog- a dog is the underdog
· Degenerate- a degenerate is a compulsive gambler
· Dime- a dime is the equivalent of $1,000
· Dollar- a dollar is the equivalent of $100; it is the same as a Buck.
· Edge- an edge is an advantage
· Fixed Game- a game where the winners have been previously determined and manipulated
· Get Down- to Get Down is to make a bet
· Wise Guy- a wise guy is a knowledgeable better

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