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Sports Information

To access sports information in the 21st century is incredibly easy. You can access sports information 24 hours a day by means of the Internet. If you have a favorite sport, team, or want to catch the latest game the Internet can bring all of your favorite sports information available to you by the click of a mouse.
In fact, AOL has a sports information channel (website) that is accessible all day, all year round. Some of the sports information you can obtain from this website include:
· Major League Baseball
· National Football League
· Nascar
· National Hockey League
· Golf
· Tennis
· NCAA Football
· Scoreboards
· Fantasy
· Boxing
· Arena Football
· Cricket
· Cycling: Tour de France
· Professional Bowling
· Figure Skating
· Horse Racing
· Minor League Baseball
· Minor League Hockey
· Softball
· NCAA Baseball
· Lacrosse News
· Motor Sports
· Olympic Sports
· Rugby
· Soccer
· Swimming
· Track and Field
· Winter Sports
· Rodeo News
To access AOL’s Sports Information center, simply type and paste the following URL into your Internet browser:
When visiting this site, you will want to make sure that you have high speed internet and your computer speakers turned on because you can access sports clips in video format. There is also a search bar so that you can search the site for your favorite sports information.
Registered users can add their favorite personal sports teams and keep up to date with the latest news, profiles, and information.
One of the best features on the AOL Sports Information channel has to be the interactive TV lineup form. By entering your home zip code, and your cable or satellite TV provider, AOL will return a listing of sports shows in your area.

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