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Traffic Information

We live in a technology age where traffic information is readily available. Those who live or work in major metropolitan areas appreciate consistent, up-to-date traffic information. In fact, many do not leave their home in the morning without listening to the traffic report. In most cases, this report determines which route many take to work.

There was a time when traffic information was only available on morning news programs. These reports were generally given once every half hour. Thus, those who missed the report had no way of receiving traffic information for highways and city streets. Radios reports were no different. Traffic information available through this medium was in 30 second spots and repeated twice an hour.

Today, traffic information is available through a wide range of sources. Morning news programs generally have a spot every ten minutes devoted to highway traffic. This report provides information on backups, delays, detours, accidents, and so forth. Reports will also inform drivers whether they need to find an alternate route. The goal is to assists drivers with getting to their destination in the fastest time.

Traffic information is also available through the radio. In addition to FM stations providing routine traffic reports, many cities have an AM station that is completely devoted to traffic reports. These stations provide traffic information around the clock. The only downside is that information is only updated every 30 minutes. Thus, when a driver checks the report, new accidents, and delays may not be included on the broadcast.

An addition medium for receiving traffic information is on our cell phones. Those who spend a lot of time driving may subscribe to websites that send traffic updates directly to their cell phones. Individuals who do not have time to watch television or listen to the radio in the mornings may prefer having traffic information sent to their mobile phones or portable email devices.

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